Do you want to wear the Dress Of Your Dreams 
& Feel Like A Princess on your wedding day?
Would you like to lose weight or tone up before your big day?
Are you nervous that all eyes will be on you?
Do you want to be the bride of your dreams without diets and deprivation?

Just as getting married is a major lifestyle change, so is successful weight loss, experts say. It's natural for brides (and grooms) to want to look their best for their wedding day, and going about it the right way can make the difference between living healthier, or heavier, ever after.

Resorting to drastic measures like fad diets or pills for quick weight loss before a wedding may not only be dangerous but can also set you up for a future of yo-yo dieting rather than permanent weight loss.

I’m Dawn Swinley, The Drop a Dress Size Coach for brides to be and I help make brides dreams come true by ensuring that they fit into the dress of their dreams and look and feel like a princess on their wedding day and beyond.

Planning a wedding is exciting but it can also be stressful and exhausting and if you’re not getting the proper nutrition, you may feel faint or suffer from other health consequences.

Once brides to be set their minds to a weight-loss and fitness plan they are usually successful and pick up healthy habits that last a lifetime.

The Bridal Confidence package is a customized, virtual 12-week nutrition and lifestyle programme that turns busy brides into drop dress gorgeous without diets, fads or deprivation.

What Do You Receive?

Discover Your Unique Body Type – learn what foods to eat to achieve your ideal weight without calorie counting or feeling deprived.

Feel Healthier, Slimmer and toned.

Gain Confidence – you will feel amazing from the inside out

My Constant Support and Motivation – accountability and expertise is a vital part of reaching your bridal long-term goals

How Does It Work?

This personalized package runs over twelve weeks and includes:

  • 1 x 90-minute Engagement Session to determine your goals and set you up for success (virtually or in person for local brides)
  • Your initial unique body-typing and plan
  • 4 x 30 minutes coaching sessions to establish, review and implement your step-by-step plan
  • Drop a Dress Rejuvenate plan with recipes, templates, shopping list and exercise guidance and planner
  • Nutritional guidance and support.
  • Email access.
  • On-going group support virtual and live to those who are local.
Meet Helen

She came to see me last year, desperate to lose weight and sick and tired of yo-yo dieting.

More than that, she was on a mission to stop her negative and sabotaging habits with food.

She was exhausted, dealing with energy slumps, sleep apnea and longing to get back on track with her health as Helen was planning her wedding.

But, with the added weight, she felt hopeless. She felt that the dress of her dreams was out of reach and the weight would never budge.

Helen lost a lot of weight, and fast! She was determined, committed and most of all, had a clear vision of what her end goal was and knew exactly what she needed to get there.

Coaching made all the difference. Having accountability check-ins with me, a strategic meal plan and of course, a diet that suited her metabolism

In just 7 days, Helen lost over 7lbs pounds and a whole dress size!

Then, highly motivated and feeling so much better, so continued her plan and lost another stone and a half and a whopping 2 dress sizes! In total, Helen went from a size 14 to a size 8

BUT, that's not even the biggest success of all.

Helen got the dress of her dreams and she has a healthy and happy relationship with food and the weight has stayed off.

Simply with the right meal plan, following my 3-step formula all of THIS was possible.

I am so proud of her incredible transformation and to be along for her journey. It's been such a rewarding experience.

Here's an amazing testimonial Helen shared with me the other day, which just made me feel so proud and happy.

"Thank you, Dawn! Not only for being my amazing coach but for believing in me enough till I could love myself unconditionally! I hope that everyone that reads my story will be inspired enough to want a better, healthier and happier life for themselves! I took charge of my weight loss and challenges I had with food and turned it around. I got to wear the dress of my dreams and I felt drop dead gorgeous and so confident on my wedding day. Not only that I have kept the weight off

I think the biggest take away from this story is that Helen committed to her weight loss journey by recognizing it was not a short-term fix. She knew it was about creating a long term, lifestyle change.

Your Investment

£997   £497

Included extra bonus Fresh Start Solution (value £27) Exciting Recipes and templates (Value £67) Free 2 months’ subscription to my VIP members Lounge (£18 per month)

Local brides will also receive 3 full body compositions

The Bridal Confidence package will help you be in control of your lifestyle, weight and stress levels so that you experience the best day of your life and beyond.

Let’s face it you want to be happy on your wedding day.

Why not choose to enjoy the process of getting there?

It will be one of the most memorable days of your life. I will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to get the healthiest you can to glow on your big day.

What is the Bridal Confidence Package?

  • 12-week program

  • Weekly coaching sessions via Skype/Zoom

  • Email and phone support

  • Meal plans and guidelines

  • Recipes

  • Exercise recommendations and guidance

  • Supplement recommendations

What will we do each week?

  Week 1

  • Confidential Health History

  • Dos and Don’ts

  • Programme introduction

  • Declarations

 Week 2
  • Super charge goal setting

  • Cleanse

 Week 3
  • Your unique body typing

  • Preparation for Drop a Dress

 Week 4
  • Drop a dress recap

  • Fueling your body

 Week 5
  • Recap and review

  • Understanding and conquering cravings

 Week 6
  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Stress Management and self-care

 Week 7
  • Food and habits to boost energy

 Week 8
  • Supplements

 Week 9
  • Why it’s not just about food and exercise

 Week 10
  • Exercise simple strategies

 Week 11
  • Menu planning for success

 Week 12
  • Maintaining weight beyond your wedding day

The sessions are going to focus on where you are getting stuck and be helpful from a coaching basis (why) and a consulting basis (how)

I want to save you time and money so I will be showing you the absolute best practices and hardest hitting techniques to get you the glow. You will be getting inspirational quotes, provoking questioning, and recipe ideas on an ongoing basis.

Who is the programme for?
  • Women getting married

  • Women who are willing to invest in their health

  • Women who want to take their health to the next level

  • Women who want to enjoy the process of getting married and learn now how to create healthy boundaries and how to get and stay healthy

  • Women who are committed to themselves and their future

It's NOT for the following
  • If you are not serious

  • If you don’t believe that it will take effort to transform your health to get the glow

  • If you are not willing to learn about new foods

  • If you expect miracles overnight

So to recap, you are going to be getting:
  • Meal plans for detox and beauty

  • Recipes – delicious and nutritious

  • Personalised Shopping Lists

  • Exercise suggestions

  • Templates, food, exercise, water

  • Highest quality supplement resources

  • 6 x 45-minute coaching sessions

  • Weekly support in between calls

  • Educational material

  • Motivational quotes

  • Suggestions for complimentary therapies

  • Ask the Experts sessions

Questions you might have

Will it work for me?

Yes, it will but it won’t happen overnight, you have to be prepared to put the work in.

What if I don’t like it?

If you really cannot do the program and are resisting making progress, we will discuss and mutually agree upon an exit strategy or modifications on getting you to where you need to go.

What if I get stuck?

We will get you unstuck. I promise.

What if I don’t have the time?

The question is not how much time does this take but are you willing to take the time to get the results you want, remember how you will look and feel on your wedding day in the dress of your dreams?

You are getting:

This programme is a tested system. You could piece together information from the internet hoping that you are doing the right things but this will give you the direction you need with very specific information and it will keep you accountable so that you get the results you want.

This Programme will help you
    • Lose weight, drop inches, tone up
    • Help you to maintain your healthy new weight
    • Really get to know what your body needs
    • Increase energy
    • Balance mood swings
    • Stay motivated and on track
    • Feel supported
    • Feel in control

In a nutshell, the solution is to start making changes in the way you think about yourself and your wedding NOW, so that as your wedding day approaches, you will feel confident, happy and you will look and feel like a princess in your DREAM dress.

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